Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Border Crossings

This marks the first instalment of my blogs so here goes.

Last night I went with my administrator and playwriting tutor, David Wilson, and spent an evening with Michael Walling and his actress wife, Nisha. Mike is Artistic Director of Border Crossings, a maverick theatre production company. In 2009 he was responsible for staging Origins: Festival of First Nations, with actors and directors from Cherokee playwrights to Australian Aboriginee actors. As someone who is part Cherokee, I love what he's doing. The First Nations have much to teach us if this planet is to survive. To read more about Border Crossings, click here.

Mike directed David's first play, Simple Writings, which is based on Grimmelshausen's novel, Simplicissimus. Last night's discussion crossed many borders, inspiring new ideas: always useful for a writer. Talk ranged from Chaucer's subversive use of the English language to why Genghis Khan was buried beside a baby camel. More about this in a later blog. Stay tuned . . .

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