Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ivan Vasiliev: the new Nureyev

Before writing became my passion, from the time I could walk, my first love was dance. I was a professional dancer and a teacher of ballet for more than a quarter of a century.

Throughout my life, I have followed the careers of many incredible dancers and it is not often a true star arrives, one that burns so brightly that they eclipse other dancers. Ivan Vasiliev is one such dancer.

Formerly with the Bolshoi Ballet, he and his ballerina wife, Natalia Osipova, make a formidable team on stage. I wanted to share this YouTube video of Vasilev in Basilio's solo from the ballet, Don Quixote.

Before deciding to post this, I tested it out on my brother who is no lover of ballet and he was gasping with awe. To see something a human shouldn't be able to do, spend a minute to watch.

Stay tuned . . .

PS: My second novel is about the struggles of a young dancer, The Double Happiness Company.